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LGK-400L (air oxygen)

Product Usage
● Mainly used in CNC plasma automatic cutting, suitable for cutting and blanking of metal materials;
● Suitable for cutting metal materials;
● It can be added with water mist to cut non-ferrous metals.

● Support the anti-burning function of cutting torch;
● High load rate, specially developed for heavy industry;
● The current is infinitely adjustable;
● Support corner signal;
● Full-bridge soft-switching technology;
● Arc ignition gas cutting gas test function;
● Built-in overcurrent, overvoltage, air pressure, temperature and other multiple protections;
● Head-up display function of working status;
● Arc ignition test function;
● Support oxygen cutting.

Technical parameter
Rated input voltage 3~380V 50Hz±15% Insulation class Class F
Battery capacity 92 KVA Protection class IP21
No-load voltage 380VWorking gas/pressure   空气/0.45-5MPa
Current adjustment range 30~400A Dimensions 760*790*430
load duration 100% Weight 145KG

Configuration parameters   Cutting parameters  
Power cord 3-380/4-380 35mm3300/500V MPa perforation thickness 40mm
Ground Wire 35mm3300/500V Quality Cut Thickness 35mm
Cut the ground wire 90mm3300/500V Edge Cut Thickness 80mm
Air source 0.8-1.0MPa    
Adapted torch Machine/Hand/Gouging    
Factory configuration
Host 1 Fuse 1 (500V200A)
Cutting torch 1 (water cooling option) Fixed feet 4
torch cable 6.5M Water tank 25L/Chiller (Optional)
CNC Plug 2 cores/4 cores each 1 Control Box Optional

200A 20mm carbon steel

200A perforated 20mm

200A perforated 20mm carbon steel

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