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H-beam flange hydraulic straightening machineHYJ-60B

Device Profile
● HJY-60B hydraulic straightening machine is a kind of heavy steel flange straightening equipment developed based on the needs of the market and users. The main body adopts the overall structure, the upper straightening wheel adopts the axle box structure, and the main driving wheel adopts the top method, so that the straightening pressure can reach 1500KN, and the effect is stable. It is used for welding deformation of H-beams of large thick flange plates. In the main drive, a large universal coupling, cylindrical gear reducer, and hydraulic motor are used, and the transmission torque reaches more than 10,000 N• meters.
● In other auxiliary functions, we have added a scale display device and a digital display of the correction amount on the main engine. The front and rear of the main engine have been added with hydraulic floating rollers. The height of the front and rear conveying rollers can be reduced, which increases the stability and safety of use.
● This machine mainly includes the main engine part, front and rear hydraulic floating roller table, electrical system and hydraulic system.
● The main engine part is composed of an integral structural main body, a web centering mechanism, a left and right upper pressure wheel adjustment mechanism, a hydraulic lifting and straightening transmission system and a main engine roller table.
● The main drive mechanism is transmitted to the main drive roller through hydraulic motor, cylindrical gear reducer, universal drive shaft; when working, the main drive roller is lifted and lowered by the bottom hydraulic cylinder, together with the upper pressure roller, to correct the welding deformation of the wing plate; The centering mechanism is divided into two groups at the front and back, one side is operated by the screw handle, and the other side is clamped by hydraulic pressure (when using, it is not necessary to press too tightly), so that the workpiece web is basically in the middle of the main drive wheel.

For H-beam specifications
● Flap width: 200-800mm
● Web height: 200-2000mm
(If the height of the web plate is less than 350mm, replace the small pressure roller, and the thickness of the wing plate should not exceed 20mm)
● Thickness of wing plate: 8-60mm
● Thickness of web: 8-40mm
● Material: Q345

Corrective Ability Chart
B/T 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 550 600 650 700 750 800
(T is the thickness of the wing plate, B is the width of the wing plate) The shaded part in the table indicates that the correction requirements can be met

Technical Parameters
● Main pressure roller top force: 1500KN
● Transmission torque: 40KN.M
● Correction speed: 5.2m/min
● Hydraulic system pressure: 18 (lifting cylinder)/11Mpa (hydraulic motor)
● Hydraulic power: 18.5KW
● Total machine power: 18.5KW
● Front and rear rollers (with hydraulic lift): 12.5M each
● The total weight of the machine tool: about 20T (the main engine weighs about 17 tons)
● Applicable temperature: 0-450C
● Power supply: 380V  50HZ  3HP

Scope of delivery and components
● Rack assembly  Including: base, left and right walls, etc.
● Alignment mechanism  Including: 2 sets of web alignment mechanism.
● Front and rear rollers  Including: front and rear rollers are 12.5 meters each, of which hydraulic floating rollers are 8 meters each.
● Hydraulic lift correction transmission system  Including: main hydraulic cylinder, main transmission wheel, universal coupling, gear reducer, hydraulic motor, etc.
● Upper pressure roller and adjustment device Including: upper pressure roller (340mm) and 1 set of hydraulic adjustment device.
● Hydraulic system  Including: oil tank, hydraulic valve, oil pipe joint, etc.
● Electrical system  Including: lift position display device, motor, electric control and operation panel.


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