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PWGS series CNC cutting machine

Product Overview 
● PWGS series CNC plasma/flame cutting machine is a high-efficiency steel plate automatic cutting and blanking equipment developed by our company for the processing of metal structural parts. Cutting surface roughness and high precision, small deformation. The machine has the advantages of reasonable structure and simple operation.
● The components of this series of CNC cutting machines include CNC system, drive system, control system, mechanical transmission system, and pneumatic cutting system. This machine is mainly used for flame and plasma dual-purpose cutting of various shapes of metal sheet planes. It has complete functions, high degree of automation, professional configuration, high cutting precision, good cutting quality and good dynamic stability. CNC system and servo system adopt excellent performance, convenient man-machine interface, simple operation, rich software and high-quality hardware configuration, and comprehensive protection measures to provide users with a high-quality product.

Basic configuration
Rack form Gantry type frame structure, overall tempering sand blasting
Rail spacing 4000mm
Rail Length 12000mm
Rail Model 43KG/meter heavy rail, each piece/2m
Drive method (Panasonic) Servo bilateral drive
CNC system Shanghai Fangling F2500B
Console Location Seat, right operation
Electronic control part Chint Electric  1 set
CNC torch moving body Aluminum  1 set
Drive System Japan Panasonic servo  3 sets
Reduction System Suzhou HFR       3 sets
Lateral mechanical transmission Precision Rack & Pinion  1set
Longitudinal Mechanical Transmission Precision Rack  2 Sets
Lateral routing Energy chain  1 set
CNC flame torch 1 set

Feature configuration
Vertical and horizontal electronic limit switch 4 sets
Longitudinal mechanical limit device 2

Technical indicators
Effective cutting width ≤3200 mm
Effective cutting length ≤10000 mm
Flame Cut Thickness 5-200mm
Air travel speed 20-6000 mm/mi infinitely adjustable
Flame Cut Materials Carbon Steel
Torch lift stroke ≤150mm
Machine Accuracy Standard Comply with JB/T5102-1999
Linear Positioning Accuracy ± 0.2 mm / 1 m
Linear Repeatability ± 0.2 mm / 1 m
Comprehensive Line Drawing Accuracy Draw 800×800MM square, diagonal line, return to circle point accuracy ± 0.2 mm
Speed ​​error 3%
Cut Roughness (Quality Cut) Ra≤12.5
Cutting Media Propane, Oxygen

Working Conditions
Ambient temperature -10℃~+40℃
Relative Humidity ≤95% non-condensing
Surroundings Ventilation, no major impact
Supply Voltage 220V (AC)±10%
Power frequency 50HZ±1HZ
Host input power 3KW
Oxygen inlet pressure 0.8~1 Mpa

Structural Features
Image and structure part name Featured Description
Design features: the equipment is stable in structure, beautiful in appearance and long in life
Rack form: wide-body gantry type, suitable for large-span cutting
End beam positioning: four-point positioning, stable center of gravity, good dynamic balance
Processing method: welding, tempering in the furnace, surface sandblasting and spraying epoxy primer
Stress relief treatment: the whole machine is tempered, and the vibration aging double treatment method can ensure the removal of welding stress
Drive mode: Japan Panasonic bilateral servo drive
Transmission mode: rack and pinion servo high-precision positioning transmission
Connection method: elastic meshing connection of rack and pinion
Bearing method: four-wheel bearing, large outer spherical roller
Protection measures: There are cleaning and dedusting copper skin devices at the front and rear ends
Features of electrical control cabinet: Customized by professional chassis factory, large-size box body has fast heat dissipation, beautiful appearance and good sealing performance, which effectively improves the service life of electrical components of the numerical control system, and the internal electrical components are arranged reasonably for easy maintenance.
Transmission gear processing method: The gear is made of No. 45 steel after precision gear hobbing, and the tooth surface is quenched to reach HRC40-45, and then undergoes high-precision gear grinding to make the gear precision meet the precision standard, so as to ensure the cumulative error of the machine during operation. reduce, so as to improve the cutting quality accuracy of the whole machine.

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