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Tornado - Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Product Configuration
● Breaking through the barriers of the industry, breaking the limitation of thinking, and independently produced the "tornado" series of pipe cutting machines, and the cutting head surrounds the rotating structure. The main body of the machine body is precision machined with high rigidity, the structure of the machine tool is solid and stable, and the force is uniform and has good bearing capacity. With the "surrounding rotary cutting head", the pipe is not rotated and statically cut, and the surrounding processing operation is performed.
● Break the traditional chuck rotary cutting scheme, ensure the stable operation of the machine and at the same time ensure the main advantages of surrounding cutting, high-speed and stable cutting, and solve the problems left by the industry.

Technical parameters
Cut Range Size Round tube in round tube 20~220
Square tube 20~180
Rectangular tube 180*90
Channel 100
Thickness 0.5~25mm
Semi-automatic loading beats 3~5 seconds
One-time loading data 5
Laser Power 1500/2000/2500/3000/4000/6000
Airframe weight 7 tons (full enclosure)
Load 300kg
Cutting A-axis speed 90r/min
Feed rate 120m/min
Accelerated Feeding 1G
Cutting Base Metal Length 6m/9m/12m can be customized

Cut effect


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