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10,000-watt fiber laser cutting machine

Product Configuration
● Equipment bed
The large-format high-power bed adopts a hollow sunken design to reduce the heating surface, avoid thermal deformation, and ensure high rigidity, precision and stability.
● Intelligent cutting head
Using Bochu black diamond bus-type laser cutting head to dynamically monitor the entire cutting process, directly evaluate and analyze the reasons for changes in cutting capabilities.
● Control system
Using Bochu bus-type operating system, high system stability and humanized design bring a better user experience. 
● Dust removal system
The negative pressure tracking dust removal system can automatically extract dust in different areas to ensure the dust extraction effect.

Technical parameters
Laser Power 6000-20000W
Height adjustment Plane Tracking
Line width 0.15mm
Pulse frequency 1-5000Hz
Repeat Accuracy ±0.03mm
Target targeting red light
Laser IPG/Ennei/Raycus/Maxphotonics/Caplin
Processing range 3015/ 4015/ 6015/ 4020/ 6020/ 6025/ 8025/ 25100


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