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QG-GT20 series (3000W) fiber laser cutting machine

Model Features
● A new generation of full-stroke performance chuck, no need to replace the jaws in the blessing range, saving all the time that can be saved.
● The optional software can support cutting a variety of special-shaped pipes, including round pipe, square pipe, oval pipe, angle steel, channel steel and other complex graphics cutting.
● Ultra-short tail material design, single-knife straight entry, the front chuck can be opened for single-chuck cutting.
● Intelligent laser cutting control system can effectively reduce the processing failure rate.
● Qingong laser cutting technology library support.

Technical parameters
Project Parameters Units
Machine Model QG-GT20  
Laser Power 3000 W
Cutting Thickness Stainless Steel ≤8 mm
Carbon Steel ≤18 mm
Diameter Ф220 mm
Cut Length 6000 mm
Carrying weight 200 Kg
Slewing Speed 120 rpm/min
Number of CNC axes 5  
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.03 mm
Machine power 22.8 Kw
Phase number 3  
Rated voltage 380 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power Protection Level IP54  
Dimensions ≈8600×1800×2300 mm
Main configuration
Serial number Name Model/Series Quantity (set) Manufacturer name
1 Fiber Laser Generator 3000W 1 Raycus / Maxphotonics
2 Laser cutting head LC20 1 Osprey/Wan Shunxing
3 CNC system FSCUT 1 Bai Chu
4 Machine bed QG-GT 1 Hardworking
5 Linear guides HGW30CA 2 Shanghai Bank/AirTAC
6 Bus Servo Motors and Drivers 152/202/401 5 Mitsubishi/Fuji
7 Reducer 110/090 3 Xinbao/Youchuan
8 Helical gear/rack M2-25-6 2 Taiwan
9 Chuck Pneumatic 1 Hardworking
10 Control Cabinet Standard 1 Hardworking
11 Industrial constant temperature air conditioner Standard 1 Sunny
12 Precision Chiller Standard 1 Hanley
13 Air Control Standard 1 Japan
14 Automatic Oil Filling System Standard 1 Michelle


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