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Factors affecting cutting quality

Cutting angle: If the average angle deviation of the four sides of a cutting part should be less than 4°.
Note: When the cutting torch moves forward, the cutting angle at a right angle will be on the right.
Note: If you want to determine whether the cutting angle problem is caused by the plasma system or the transmission device, you can first do a cutting test and measure the angle of each side, then rotate the cutting torch on the bracket by 90° and repeat the whole test process. The angle of the two tests is the same, then the problem is caused by the transmission system. If the "mechanical problem" is solved, there is still a cutting angle problem, use the cutting torch tip of the cutting machine to check the distance from the cutting torch to the workpiece, especially when the cutting angle is all positive or negative.
When the bottom of the cutting seam removes more material than the top, the cutting angle is a negative angle. When the upper part of the slit removes more material than the bottom part, the cutting angle is a positive angle.
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