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Key factors for selection of plasma cutting power supply for CNC machine

CNC plasma cutting machines have occupied a dominant position in CNC cutting equipment, and both have a high market share in terms of cutting range, cutting quality and efficiency. It exhibits its rapid characteristics in thin plate cutting, and Max prevents the plate from being deformed by heat; it highlights special performance in stainless steel, galvanized steel and other metal materials with low carbon content. Its processing efficiency is 3-4 times that of flame cutting, but the overall cost of use is only 1/3 of that of flame cutting.
Plasma cutting machine is actually what we often call plasma cutting power supply, and CNC plasma cutting machine is a combination of CNC cutting machine tool and plasma cutting power supply. Numerical control cutting machine tools have many types according to their types and configurations; plasma cutting power supplies also have many classifications according to their performance and quality. As far as the current market is more popular, we can roughly divide it into three steps and three levels; the first step is civil plasma cutting power supply, the second step is ordinary plasma cutting power supply, and the third step is high-power plasma cutting power supply; According to the technical configuration and cutting performance of the power supply, each step can be divided into low-end cutting, ordinary cutting, and fine cutting. Compared with domestically produced 100A plasma cutting machine power supplies, there are hundreds to tens of thousands, and imported plasma cutting machine power supplies have tens of thousands to millions. The price alone does not tell the performance of its power supply, just as you pay for what you pay for, and you pay for each quality. If you want to achieve a good cutting effect, there is no doubt that you have to use a good cutting power supply. And will a good cutting power supply be able to achieve a good cutting effect? This is probably a topic that our colleagues and customers in the CNC cutting machine industry should pay attention to.
Since ancient times, there has been a good horse with a good saddle, that is, a combination, and all parts must be perfect. With a sophisticated plasma cutting power supply, only ordinary cutting control machine tools can be run, and the processed workpieces are certainly not necessarily delicate ones. Because the plasma cutting power supply is only the energy part of this CNC plasma cutting machine, and the machine tool that controls the operation part is the intelligent manipulator that cuts the workpiece and determines the accuracy of the cutting process. Therefore, as a manufacturer, when we choose high-performance plasma cutting power supplies, we must also focus on high-performance excavation in machine tools. When buying a CNC plasma cutting machine, customers and friends must be aware of their cutting process requirements. When selecting the CNC plasma cutting machine, they must also consider the plasma power supply and the CNC cutting machine to avoid spending unnecessary money. But it can't achieve the effect. For example, choosing an economical CNC cutting machine with an ordinary plasma cutting power supply is sufficient to optimize our needs, and choosing a high-end CNC cutting machine requires a high-precision plasma power supply to complement each other.
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