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Dregs of cutting torch

1. When the cutting speed of the torch is too slow, slow slag will appear when the torch arc jets forward. This kind of slag forms a bubbley deposit at the bottom of the slit, which is easier to remove. Increasing the speed can reduce the formation of such slag.
2. When the cutting speed of the cutting torch is too fast and the arc of the cutting torch lags behind, it will leave fast slag. To reduce the formation of fast slag, you can do the following:
Reduce the cutting speed; · Reduce the cutting arc voltage, that is, reduce the distance from the cutting torch to the workpiece.
Increase the concentration of oxygen in the shielding gas, thereby increasing the range of slag-free cutting speed.
Note: Hot metal is prone to dross. There may be little dross appearing in one cutting. In the subsequent cutting, the temperature of the workpiece will increase, and the amount of dross will increase. And compared with stainless steel or aluminum metal, low carbon steel is prone to slag.
3. Worn or damaged vulnerable parts may cause discontinuous slag formation.
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