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Safety precautions for plasma cutting power cutting gun

1. Before starting, you should read the manual carefully to understand the performance and structure of the machine. Those who don't understand can't use it.
2. The wiring must be correct and reliable, and the cable connector must be tightened.
3. The machine must be grounded reliably, otherwise, it must not be used.
4. The cutting site must have good exhaust and ventilation equipment.
5. Only when the output of the cutting machine is not short-circuited can the power supply be turned on.
6. Adjusting the current knob is the preset current, and its value is displayed by the ammeter. Do not use force when adjusting.
7. When the fan stops during the cutting work, or when the cutting performance deteriorates, it is strictly forbidden to continue welding, and the machine must be shut down for inspection. Especially whether the electrodes and nozzles should be replaced!
8. Please strengthen the protection of the machine during field construction in winter. In order to prevent frost or icing due to the encounter between hot and cold air, the machine must be put into the room after each use. And before each use, confirm that there is no frost and ice in the machine before turning on the machine. So as not to cause electric shock or short circuit inside the machine!
9. For the dual-purpose power supply for gas and water mist, the water in the protective air pipe must be blown clean before changing to use!
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