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Correct use of cutting gun

1. The cutting gun and its components are all vulnerable parts, especially electrodes, nozzles, protective caps, distributors, water cores, etc. During the cutting process, pay close attention to the consumption of the wearing parts and replace them in time, otherwise the torch will burn out.
2. Electrode nozzles are easily consumed parts. Improper use (such as too close to the workpiece) or reaching the service life can cause the nozzle aperture to become larger or eccentric, and must be replaced in time, otherwise it will affect the cutting ability, quality and speed.
3. After the electrode hafnium wire is consumed, if it is not replaced in time, the water core, distributor, etc. will be burned.
4. When the arc is started, the perforation height is not enough or the torch is moved without penetrating the hole, which will easily damage the nozzle/protective cap. Try to avoid perforation in the middle of the workpiece with large thickness.
5. Cutting torch cables, water pipes, and air pipes need to be checked regularly to prevent the line pipe from breaking and impurity blocking the line pipe.
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