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Power supply selection method

Choose the method of plasma power supply, multiply the thickness of the board by 10 times, it is the cutting current of the power supply. If you want to cut carbon steel with a thickness of less than 20mm, multiplying by 10 times is 200A. Therefore, you must choose a fine plasma power supply of more than 200A for purchase and use. The verticality is within 3~4 degrees, and the quality cutting speed can reach 1000mm/min. If a 300A power supply is used, the mass cutting speed can reach above 1500mm/min, and the cutting efficiency is high. With a power supply below 200A, the quality cutting speed is only 600mm/min, the cutting efficiency is low, the wearing parts are quickly worn out, and the cutting cost increases. Therefore, the suggestion of choosing a plasma power supply: try to choose a large and fine plasma power supply. Can avoid polishing and improve efficiency.
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