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Several methods of cutting stainless steel and aluminum

For cutting stainless steel, H35 dry cutting is currently the main method. The advantages are high cutting efficiency and good cutting quality. On the one hand, the disadvantages are environmental protection issues such as radiation, noise, and toxic gases; on the other hand, H35 gas contains hydrogen and cannot be used in water. Cutting down, otherwise it will cause explosion and burning. In addition, dry cutting of stainless steel is prone to oxidation and blackening. Air and H35 are used to cut stainless steel and aluminum. Although the cutting efficiency is high and the cutting quality is good, the environmental problems such as radiation, noise and toxic gas are serious, and the cutting cost of H35 and wearing parts is very high.
Commonly used cutting methods for stainless steel:
1. Stainless steel dry water cutting:
Water cutting uses a water bed as a dust removal device. The steel plate is placed on the water surface. The upper part is dry cutting. The water absorbs the toxic gas and flue gas dust underneath, which not only cools the steel plate, but also achieves the dust removal effect.
① Air is used as cutting gas and protective gas, cutting cost is low, but the cutting surface is severely oxidized, and the oxide layer needs to be processed twice, but radiation, noise, toxic gas and other environmental problems are serious;
②Using nitrogen as cutting gas and shielding gas, cutting costs have increased, and the cutting quality/efficiency and welding performance have improved, but the environmental protection problem has not been solved;
③Using N2/H35/N2 cutting, the cutting efficiency and cutting quality are good, but the cutting cost is high, and the environmental protection problem is serious;
④Using nitrogen as the cutting gas, water as the protective gas, using water curtain or water jet technology, not only the cutting efficiency is high, the quality is good, but the cutting cost is lower, and the environmental problems such as radiation and noise are effectively improved, but it is still not like underwater Solve it completely like cutting.
2. Stainless steel underwater cutting: directly put the cutting gun into the water for cutting, and change the dry dust removal system to a water bed. The advantage of this method is that the investment cost is very low, arcing gas/cutting gas/protective gas and dry type The cutting is the same, the use of nitrogen can not use H35, it can realize the underwater cutting of stainless steel. The advantages of underwater cutting can completely solve the pollution problems of radiation, noise, toxic gas and smoke dust. The disadvantage is that due to the influence of water flow on the plasma arc energy, the cutting speed and perforation capacity are reduced (at least 30%), and the water flow also affects the cutting surface quality.
3. Water mist cutting technology: dry cutting conditions can also be used, water cutting can also be used, water is used as protective gas, and air is used as cutting gas, so the cost is low. Through the spray of water, the air is blown between the cutting torch and the steel plate. When the water encounters the plasma arc, it vaporizes and forms a water curtain to isolate the air to prevent the stainless steel cutting surface from oxidizing and blackening. At the same time, the water vaporizes to absorb smoke and dust And toxic gases, it plays a very good role in reducing cutting costs.
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